Catering Disposables

Cups, Lids & Tea Stirrers

7oz C7 Polystyrene Cups (x1000)

Code: 634837

Lid sold separately - see below 634827.

7oz Straw Cut Lids (x1000)

Code: 634827

10oz C10 Polystyrene Cups (x1000)


Lid sold separately - see below 634820.

L10 CB Sip Lid for Polystyrene 10oz Cup (x1000)

Code: 634820

12oz C12 White Solo Polystyrene Cups (x1000}

Code: 634832

Lid sold separately - see below 634822.

L12 CB Sip Lid for Polystyrene 12oz Cup (x1000)


4oz Espresso Bistro Paper Cups (x1000)

Code: 634834

Lid sold separately - see below 634824

4oz three quarter Bistro White Vented Lids (x1000)

Code: 634824

8oz 378SI Bistro Paper Cups (x1000)


Lid sold separately - see below 634828.

TL38 Bistro Sip Lid for paper 8oz Cup (x1000)

Code: 634828

10oz 370SI Bistro Paper Cups (x1000)

Code: 634833

Lid sold separately - see below 634825.

TL31 Sip Lid for Bistro Paper 10oz Cup (x1000)


12oz 412SI Bistro Paper Cups (x1000)

Code: 634831

Lid sold separately - see below 634826.

16oz 316SI Bistro Paper Cups (x1000)

Code: 634836

Lid sold separately - see below 634826.

12/16oz Bistro Black Travel Lids (x1000)


Plastic Tea Stirrers (x1000)

Code: 633196

Black Cocktail Stirrers (x250)

Code: 633193

Coffee Clutch 12-16oz (x1000)

Code: 634880

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Takeaway Food Boxes, Salad Bowls & Cake Boxes

Single Polystyrene Burger Box & Lid 4x(125)

Code: 632513

H70mm x W90mm x L90mm

Double Aluminium Box & Lid (x25)

Code: 632514

Dimensions to follow.

9" Square Foil BL99 Tray (x200)


H45mm. Lid sold separately - see below 632529.

9" Square Foil BL99 Lid (x200)

Code: 632529

FP10 Polystyrene Box & Lid (x125)

Code: 632511

H75mm x W155mm x L185mm.

Small Foil Container No2 (x1000)


Base measurement: H50mm x W80mm x L110mm. Lid sold separately - see below 632522.

Lid for No2 Box (x1000)

Code: 632522

Double 6A Aluminium Box (x500)

Code: 632548

H70mm x W160mm x L60mm. Lid sold separately - see below 632526.

Lid for Double 6A Aluminium Box (x500)


Microwave Container + Lid 500ml (x250)

Code: 632515

H35mm x W120mm x L170mm.

Microwave Container + Lid 650ml (x250)

Code: 632512

H50mm x W120mm x L170mm.

Microwave Container + Lid 1000ml (x250)

Code: 632516

Dimensions to follow.

Salad & Microwave Container + Fork (x250)

Code: 632519

H80mm x W140mm x L170mm

Uber Box - hinged lid (x100)

Code: 632581

H70mm x W250mm x L270mm

Large Sandwich Wedges

Code: 632517

H85mm x W70mm x L170mm

Cake Boxes small (x250)

Code: 632536

H4" x W6" x L6"

Cake Boxes medium (x250)


H4" x W8" x L8"

Cake Boxes large (x250)

Code: 632531

H4" x W10" x L10"

Cake Boxes extra large (x100)

Code: 632532

H4" x W12" x L12"

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Pizza Boxes

RO7 Polystyrene Pizza Box 7" (x125)

Code: 632667

R09 Polystyrene Pizza Box 9" (x125)

Code: 632669

RO12 Polystyrene Pizza Box 12" (x125)


White Gondola Pizza Box 12" (x100)

Code: 632632

White Gondola Pizza Box 14/15"(x100)

Code: 632635

Brown Gondola Pizza Box 7" (x100)


Brown Gondola Pizza Box 10" (x100)

Code: 632620

Brown Gondola Pizza Box 12" (x100)

Code: 632622

Brown Gondola Pizza Box 14.5" (x100)


Plain Brown Pizza Box 16" (x50)

Code: 632660

Plain Brown Pizza Box 12" (x100)

Code: 632662

Plain Brown Pizza Box 14/15" (x100)

Code: 632665

Plain Brown Pizza Box 18" (x50)


Plain Brown Pizza Box 10" (x100)

Code: 632663

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Film Front Sandwich Bag 8"(x1000)

Code: 632191

H200mm x W200mm

Film Front Sandwich Bag 10" (x1000)

Code: 632194

H250mm x W250mm

White Sandwich Bag 8" (x1000)

Code: 632198

H205mm x W205mm

White Sandwich Bag 10" (x1000)

Code: 632190

H245mm x W250mm

White Sandwich Bag 12" (x500)


H300mm x W310mm

Foil Lined Sandwich Bag (x500)


H320mm x W172mm

Small White Paper Carrier Bag (x250)

Code: 632131

W180mm x H230mm

Carrier Bag Medium White (x250)


W250mm x H240mm

Carrier Bag Large White (x250)

Code: 632135

W250mm x H310mm

Small Brown Paper Carrier Bag (x250)


W180mm x H230mm

Medium Brown Paper Carrier Bag (x250)

Code: 632133

W250mm x H240mm

Large Brown Paper Carrier Bag (x250)

Code: 632132

W250mm x H310mm

White Plastic Carrier Bag (x50)

Code: 632134

W15 x H18 x D3cm

Economy Striped Plastic Carrier Bag (x100)

Code: 632130

Carrier Bags Heavy Duty (x100)

Code: 632137

W15" x H17.5"

Small Freezer Bag Medium Duty (x100)


8"x 10"

Medium Freezer Bag (x100)

Code: 632163

Dimensions to follow.

Large Freezer Bag (x100)


Dimensions to follow.

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Plates, Platters & Salad Bowls

Oval Platter 500mm/22" (x10)

Code: 636212

Oval Platter 350mm /14" (x10)


Medium Aluminium Oval Tray 43cm (x10)

Code: 636213

9" 23cm White Paper Plate 10(x100)

Code: 636239

6" Paper Plates 14.6cm 20(x100)

Code: 636236

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Plastic Cutlery

White Plastic Fork 10(x100)

Code: 633160

White Plastic Fork 10(x100)

Code: 633110

White Plastic Dessert Spoon 10(x100)


Plastic Teaspons (20x100)

Code: 633190

Wooden Chip Forks (x1000)

Code: 633162

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Serviettes, Napkins & Dispenser

2ply Red Napkins 40cm 12(x150)

Code: 909582

2ply Forest Green Napkins 40cm 40(x50)

Code: 909574

2ply Black Napkins 24cm 40(x100)


2ply Green Napkins 40cm 20(x100)

Code: 909572

2ply 38cm Buttermilk Napkins 20(x100)

Code: 909523

2ply 40cm Red Napkins 20(x100)

Code: 909582

2ply 40cm Burdundy 20(x100)

Code: 909221

2ply 40cm Pink Napkins 20(x100)


2ply 40cm Blue Napkins 40(x50)

Code: 909522

2ply 40cm White Napkins 16(x125)

Code: 909532

2ply 40cm Lotus White Napkins 10(x150)


1ply 30cm White Napkin 10(x500)

Code: 909534

2ply 24cm White Napkin (x4000)

Code: 909537

White Prefolded 33cm Lotus Napkins 10(x200)


White Prefolded 33cm Lotus Napkins 12(x150)

Code: 909538

Airlaid 8 Fold 40cm White Napkins (x500)

Code: 909530

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Paper Rolls & Dispenser Refills

Room Service Cube Tissues (x24)

Code: 333936

3ply 324 sheet White Toilet Roll (x40)

Code: 333901

Economy White Kitchen Roll (x24)


Andrex Toilet Rolls (x24)

Code: 333904

2ply White Jumbo Toilet Rolls (6x420m)

Code: 333900

2ply 150m White Mini J Toilet Roll (x12)


1ply White IFold Hand Towel (x4000)

Code: 333934

1ply Blue Centrefold Hand Towel (2944)

Code: 333932

Mini Centre Feed Roll (12x130m)


1ply 300m Maxi Centrefeed white Kitchen Roll (x6)

Code: 333911

2ply 144m Maxi Centrefeed Blue Kitchen Roll (x6)

Code: 333914

Plenty Kitchen Roll (x12)

Code: 333915

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Food Wraps

Large Aluminium Foil Wrap

Code: 633812

W50cm x L75m

Medium Aluminium Foil Wrap

Code: 633813

W45cm x L75m

Small Aluminium Foil Wrap


W30cm x L75m

Cling Film Standard

Code: 633833

W30cm x L300m

Cling Film Large

Code: 633832

W45cm x L300m

Greaseproof Paper (sheets)???


W45cm x L70cm

Cut Greaseproof paper

Code: 633864

Dimensions to follow.

Food Grade String 350m

Code: 633891

Baking Parchment Paper Wrap


W45cm x L50m

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Doylies & Tablecovers

Tray paper 40x30cm (100)

Code: 904503

Doylies 12.5" (x250)

Code: 904530

Doylies 10.5" (x250)


Doylies 8.5" (x250)

Code: 904538

Doylies 6.5" (x250)

Code: 904536

Doylies 5.5" (x250)


Doylies 4.5" (x250)

Code: 904534

White Table cover - 1 use 90cm 12(x25)

Code: 900130

White Wipe Table Cover 90cm (x100)

Code: 900130

Red Table Cover 100cm (x200)


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