Flour, Grains & Yeast


Special Italian OO Flour (5kg)

Code: 676200

Granarolo Plain Flour (10x1kg)

Code: 676262

Granarolo 00xtra Flour (10x1Kg)


McDougalls Plain Flour (1.25kg)

Code: 676261

Maldon Rose Plain Flour (16kg)

Code: 676266

Greens Medium Wholegrain Flour (16kg)

Code: 676236

Sima Italian OO Pizza Flour (25kg)

Code: 676205

McDougalls Self Raising Flour (1.25kg)

Code: 679195

Carrs Self Raising Flour (16kg)


McDougalls Wholemeal Flour (3.5kg)

Code: 676234

Cornflour (3kg)

Code: 676233

Semolina (3kg)


Semolina (25kg)

Code: 677896

Granarolo Not-Precooked Italian Polenta (1kg)

Code: 677861

Granarolo Instant Polenta Powder (500g)

Code: 677860

Caputo Blue Pizza Flour (25kg)


Caputo Red Pizza Flour (25kg)


Caputo Manitoba Flour (25kg)

Code: 676263

Caputo Gluten Free Flour (1kg)

Code: 676271

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Rice & Grains

Italian Cristallo Rice (25kg)

Code: 678935

Italian Cristallo Rice (5kg)

Code: 678937

Arborio Rice 1kg)


Uncle Ben Long Grain Rice (5kg)

Code: 678927

White Pudding Rice (2kg)

Code: 678963

TohFN Basmati Rice (5kg)

Code: 678926

Black Wild Rice (2.5kg)

Code: 678933

Tilda Easy Cook Long Grain Rice (20kg)

Code: 678905

Italian Carnaroli Rice (1kg)


White French Cous Cous (`kg)

Code: 677831

Organic Quinoa (1kg)

Code: 677871

White Bulgur Wheat Coarse (12x1kg)

Code: 677821

Pearl Barley (3kg)

Code: 677823

Uncooked Popcorn (25kg)

Code: 677866

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Yeast & Bicarbonate of Soda

Fresh Yeast

Code: 675561

Fermipan Dry Yeast (500g)

Code: 675540

Dry Bertolini Yeast - Lievito Bertolini (10x16g)


Yeast Pane Angeli (10x16g)

Code: 675560

Bicarbonate of Soda (1kg)

Code: 675521

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