Meat, Fish & Seafood

Salami & Ham (chilled)

Parma Ham - bone out (approx.7kg)

Code: 218167

Proscuitto MEC - bone out (approx 6kg)

Code: 218166

San Daniele Prosciutto Ham - bone out (x kilo)

Code: 218162

Coppa di Parma (approx 1.4kg)

Code: 213561

Salame Milano (approx 1.5kg)

Code: 219131

Salame Napoli (approx 1kg)

Code: 219141

Salame Felino (approx 1kg)

Code: 219161

Salame Cacciatore (approx 100g)

Code: 219130

Salame Ventriccina (approx 2kg)

Code: 219122

Spianata Piccante (approx 2kg)

Code: 219660

Porchetta Al Forno (approx 3kg)

Code: 216563

Beef Bresaola Punta D'Anca (approx 2kg)

Code: 212862

Pancetta Affumicata (approx 1kg)

Code: 216111

Pancetta Coppata (approx 3kg)

Code: 216133

Mortadella Orchidea (approx 1kg)

Code: 213551

Salame Finocchiona (x kilo)

Code: 219167

Zampone Precotto (approx 1kg)

Code: 216161

Cotechino Precotto (x kilo)

Code: 213560

Salt Beef (x kilo)

Code: 212592

Cooked Italian Ham (approx 1kg)

Code: 218131

Cooked Honey Roast Ham (approx 3kg)

Code: 218132

Cooked - bone out - Turkey Breast (x kilo)

Code: 210121

Mortadella & Pistacchio (approx 3kg)


Brussels Pate (1kg)

Code: 216121

Italian Hot Pepperoni Sausage (x kilo)

Code: /219165

Fresh Lucanica Sausage (x kilo)

Code: 219123

Speck Pork (approx 2kg)

Code: 219662

Cooked Crispy Streaky Bacon (1kg)


Napoli Sausage Fresh (x kilo)

Code: 219145

Hot ES Chorizo Sausage (x kilo)

Code: 219133

Nduia (approx 500g)

Code: 219147

Guanciale Stagionato (approx 1kg)

Code: 217191

Spanish Baby Fresh Chorizo (approx 2kg)

Code: 219136

Unsmoked Back Bacon (2kg)

Code: 212112

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Sliced Meat

Sliced Prosciutto Crudo (500g)

Code: 218160

Sliced Pancetta Affumicata (100g)

Code: 216191

Sliced Pepperoni Sausage (approx 500g)

Code: 219166

Sliced Cooked Ham (approx 454g)

Code: 218130

Sliced Salame Milano (approx 500g)


Sliced Chorizo Sausage (100g)

Code: 219139

Sliced Serrano Ham

Code: 218190

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Canned Meat

Shoulder Ham (4x5kg)

Code: 218195

Corn Beef (12x340g)

Code: 213522

Simmenthal Cured Beef (24x140g)

Code: 219920

Westler King Size Hot Dogs (2.8kg)


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Fish & Seafood

Morrocan Anchovies (340g)


Crab Meat - can (170g)


Sea Food Salad - not veg (2kg)

Code: 699593

Sardines (6x330g)


Tuna Chunks in Oil (24x184g)


Tuna Chunks in Brine (24x185g)

Code: 690120

Tuna Chunks in Oil (6x1705g)


Tuna Chunks in Brine (6x1705g)


John West Pink Salmon (24x213g)


Red Salmon (6x418g)


Vongole con Guscio - clam with shell (6x750g)

Code: 693290

Baby Clam Vongole - no shell (6x830g)


Baby Clam Vongole - no shell (12x270g)


French Escargot Snail - 24 snails (200g)

Code: 695960

French Escargot Snail - 96 snails (1kg)


Escargot Shells 96 count (96 count)


Scottish Smoked Salmon - no skin (454g)


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