CODE PRODUCT (Minimum order quantity) BOX QUANTITY
950130 Condensed Turtle Soup (410gr) 12
950530 Heinz Condensed Tomato Soup (12x830g)
950531 Heinz Condensed Tomato Soup (12x400g)
950562 Maggi Tomato Soup Powder (2Kg)
951962 Maggi Asparagus Soup Powder (2Kg)
952502 Maggi Beef & Tomato Soup Powder (2Kg)
952520 Baxter Lobster Bisque (415g) 12
952522 Maggi Beef & Vegetable Soup Powder (2Kg)
952530 Heinz Country Vegetable Soup (12x400g)
952531 Heinz Country Vegetable Soup (12x830g)
952532 Maggi Country Vegetable Soup Pow (2K )
952560 Knorr Lobster Soup Powder (4x25por)
952562 Mcdougall Lentil Soup Powder (2.25K )
953130 Heinz Condensed Mushroom Soup (12x830g)
953131 Heinz Condensed Mushroom Soup (12x400g)
953160 Batchelors Cupa Soup (10x4Sach)  
953162 Maggi Wild Mushroom Soup (2Kg)
953562 Maggi Celery Soup Powder (2K)  
953830 Heinz Condensed Chicken Soup (12x830g)  
953840 Heinz Chick Noodle Soup (12x400g)  
953842 Knorr Chicken Noodle Soup (2Kg)  
953862 Maggi Chicken Soup Powder (2Kg)  
953870 Knorr Garlic Crouton (750g)  
953890 Knorr Sea Salt Crouton (1kg)
953930 Heinz Minestrone Soup (12x830g)  
953962 Maggi Minestrone Soup Pow(2Kg)
953991 Bat Cas Soup Sachet Mix (20s)
955430 Heinz Condensed Oxtail Soup (12x830g)
955462 Maggi French Onion Powder(2Kg)  
955463 Maggi Oxtail Powder (2Kg)  
956522 Maggi Potato & Leek Powder (2Kg)  
956572 Maggi Green Pea Soup Powder (2Kg)  
956582 Maggi Golden Pea & Ham Powder (2Kg)  
959322 Maggi Scotch Broth Soup (2Kg)  
959622 Maggi Spring Veg Powder (2Kg)  

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