Bouillon, Soup & Gravy

Bouillon & Gravy

Knorr Chicken Bouillon (2x1kg)

Code: 392531

Maggi Chicken Bouillon (2.5kg)

Code: 392532

Knorr Beef Bouillon (2x1kg)

Code: 392523

Maggi Beef Bouillon (2kg)

Code: 392526

Maggi Vegetable Bouillon (2kg)


Knorr Vegetable Stock Cubes (600g)

Code: 392528

Knorr Vegetable Bouillon (2x1kg)


Knorr Aromat (2x900g)

Code: 391810

Knorr Fish Bouillon (1x1kg)

Code: 392561

Knorr Fish Bouillon (2x1kg)

Code: 392561

Knorr Mutton Bouillon (2x1kg)


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Maggi Gravy Mix (2kg)

Code: 357832

Maggi Golden Gravy Mix (2kg)

Code: 357872

Knorr Gravy Granules for Meat (2kg)

Code: 357833

Bisto Vegetarian Granules (1.9kg)


Bisto Gravy Granules - red box (1.9kg)

Code: 357871

Bisto Chicken Granules (25L)

Code: 357830

McDougalls Thickening Granules (1.5kg)

Code: 390871

Schwartz Gravy Browning (95cl)

Code: 357822

Maggi Demi Glace Powder (1.52kg)


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Baxter Lobster Bisque (12x415g)

Code: 952520

Knorr Chicken Soup (2kg)

Code: 953842

Heinz Cream of Chicken Soup (12x400g)

Code: 953830

Heinz Cream of Mushroom Soup (12x830g)

Code: 953130

Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup (12x830g)

Code: 950530

Heinz Country Vegetable Soup (12x830g)

Code: 952531

Maggi Dehydrated Asparagus Soup(2kg)

Code: 951962

Maggi Dehydrated Beef & Vegetable Soup(2kg)


Maggi Dehydrated Beef & Tomato Soup (2kg)

Code: 952502

Maggi Dehydrated Spring Vegetable Soup (2kg)

Code: 959622

Maggi Dehydrated Cream of Celery Soup (2kg)


Maggi Dehydrated Chicken Soup (2kg)


Maggi Dehydrated Country Vegetable Soup (2kg)

Code: 952532

Maggi Dehydrated French Onion Soup (2kg)

Code: 955462

Maggi Dehydrated Golden Peas & Ham Soup (2kg)


Maggi Dehydrated Green Pea Soup (2kg)


Maggi Dehydrated Potato & Leek Soup (2kg)

Code: 956522

Maggi Dehydrated Minestrone Soup (2kg)

Code: 953962

Maggi Dehydrated Wild Mushroom Soup (2kg)

Code: 953162

Maggi Dehydrated Oxtail Soup (2kg)


Maggi Dehydrated Scotch Broth Soup (2kg)

Code: 959322

Maggi Dehydrated Tomato Soup (2kg)

Code: 950562

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