Tomato Products

Italian Peeled Tomatoes 6x(2.65kg)

Code: 780562

Italian Chopped & Peeled Tomatoes 6x(2.65kg)

Code: 780583

Italian Tomato Passata 6x(2.65kg)


San Marzano Peeled Tomatoes 6x(2.65kg)

Code: 780564

Italian Tomato Puree 30% (4.5kg)

Code: 780534

Italian Tomato Puree 30% 12x(800g)

Code: 780530

Italian Peeled Tomatoes 12x(400g)

Code: 780561

Italian Chopped & Peeled Tomatoes 12x(400g)


Italian Pizza Sauce with Origano (5kg)


Italian Sundried Tomatoes in Oil - in jar (3.1kg)

Code: 780543

Italian Sundried Tomatoes no Oil - in bag (1kg)

Code: 780542

Sunblushed Tomatoes in Oil - jar (1.7kg)

Code: 780541

Italian Cherry Tomatoes 24x(500g)

Code: 780531

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Vegetables - cans, jars & dried

Petits Pois - French 6x(1kg)

Code: 786561

Garden Peas 6x(3kg)


Frozen Garden Peas (2.5kg)


Whole Roast Piquillo Peppers 12x(500g)


Marrowfat Peas - can 6x(2.6kg)

Code: 786536

Whole Green Canadian Asparagus 12x(425g)

Code: 781970

Artichoke Bottoms - Spanish 12x(400g)


Hearts of Palm 6x(800g)

Code: 786180

Spanish Red Pimento Peppers 12x(400g)

Code: 786980

Whole Roast Piquillo Peppers 12x(500g)


French Celery Hearts 6x(1kg)

Code: 783581

French Green Beans 6x(1kg)

Code: 782781

Frozen Whole Green Beans (2.5kg)

Code: 782782

Sweet Corn 3x(3kg)

Code: 783593

Sweet Corn 12x(340g)

Code: 783590

Mini Corn on the Cob 12x(425g)


Frozen Sweet Corn (2.5kg)


New Potatoes 6x(2.6kg)

Code: 786542

Sliced Jalapeno Peppers 6x(A10)

Code: 786503

Dutch Sliced White Mushrooms 6x(2.6kg)

Code: 783192

Stuffed Vine Leaves (A10)

Code: 782990

French Spinach Leaves 6x(800g)


French Spinach Puree 6x(800g)


Sliced Carrots 6x(3kg)

Code: 783193

Spanish Artichoke Hearts in Brine 12x(400g)

Code: 781880

Artichoke Hearts in Brine - can (3kg)

Code: 781884

Italian Button Mushrooms in Oil (3.1kg)


Italian Artichoke Hearts in Oil (3.1kg)

Code: 781883

Italian Artichoke with Stem in Oil (3.1kg)

Code: 781893

Italian Charcoal Grilled Artichokes in Oil (1.7kg)

Code: 781871

Italian Charcoal Grilled Artichokes in Oil (3.1kg)

Code: 781873

Italian Long Stem Artichokes in Oil (1.1kg)

Code: 781891

Italian Charcoal Grilled Courgettes in Oil (1.7kg)


Italian Charcoal Grilled Aubergines in Oil (1.7kg)

Code: 781171

Italian Charcoal Grilled Aubergines in Oil (3.1kg)

Code: 781173

Italian Charcoal Grilled Peppers in Oil (1.7kg)

Code: 786571

Italian Friarielli Broccoli in Oil (1kg)

Code: 786820

Dried Mixed Mushrooms (400g)

Code: 783141

Dried Porcini Mushroom Pieces (400g)

Code: 783160

Dried Porcini Mushroom Slices(400g)


Sundried Tomatoes (1kg)

Code: 780542

Smashed Instant Potato (2.27kg)

Code: 786594

Frozen Potato Chips (2.27kg)

Code: 786533

Lamb & Weston Frozen Potato Chips (2.5kg)

Code: 786534

Signature Frozen Potato Chips (2.27kg)

Code: 786535

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Dry Red Kidney Beans (2.27g)

Code: 782853

Dry Green Lentils (2.27g)

Code: 782572

Dry Puy Lentils (2.27g)


Dry Borlotti Beans (2.27g)

Code: 782252

Dry Chick Peas (2.27g)

Code: 783862

Dry Mexican Chickpeas (25kg)

Code: 783861

Dry Blackeye Beans (2.27kg)

Code: 782222

Dry Butter Beans (2.27kg)


Dry Cannellini Beans (2.27kg)

Code: 782312

Dry Red Split Lentils (2.27kg)

Code: 782583

Dry Yellow Split Peas (2kg)

Code: 786553

Dry Green Split Peas (3kg)

Code: 786575

Dry Black Turtle Beans (3kg)

Code: 782223

Italian Cannellini White Kidney Beans - canned 24x(400g)


Italian Cannellini White Kidney Beans - canned 6x(3kg)


Italian Borlotti Beans - canned 24x(400g)


Italian Borlotti Beans - canned 6x(3kg)


Italian Butter Beans - canned 12x(500g)

Code: 782211

Butter Beans - canned 6x(3kg)

Code: 782213

Italian Chick Peas - canned 24x(400g)

Code: 783860

Italian Chick Peas - canned 6x(3kg)


Italian Red Kidney Beans - canned 6x(3kg)


Italian Red Kidney Beans - canned 24x(400g)

Code: 782850

Italian Green Lentils - canned 12x(500g)

Code: 782570

Black Turtle Beans - canned 6x(3kg)

Code: 782224

Heinz Baked Beans - canned 6x(2.5kg)

Code: 782215

Heinz Baked Beans - canned 24x(415g)

Code: 782210

St Nicolas Baked Beans - canned 6x(2.7kg)


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Olives & Pickles

Green Crespo Olives stone in (5kg)

Code: 785277

Green Crespo Olives stone out (5kg)

Code: 785275

Green Olives stone in 12x(400g)


Dry Black Greek Crespo Olives stone in (5kg)

Code: 785228

Black Crespo Olives stone in (5kg)

Code: 785226

Crespo Black Olives stone out (5kg)

Code: 785225

Crespo Large Gordal Black Olives stone in (5kg)


Green Olives stuffed with red peppers (2L)

Code: 785929

Green Morrocan Olives Sliced (3kg)

Code: 785271

Green Morrocan Olives stone out (5kg)

Code: 785270

Morrocan Sliced Black Olives (3kg)

Code: 785222

Morrocan Black Olives stone out (5kg)

Code: 785220

Morrocan Black Olives stone in (5kg)

Code: 785224

Black Kalamata Greek Olives - stone out (2.3kg)

Code: 785212

Morrocan Green Olives stone in (5kg)

Code: 785273

Crespo Large Gordal Green Olives stone in (5kg)


Marinated Black Olives stone out (3kg)

Code: 785230

Marinated Green Olives stone out - chilled (2.1kg)

Code: 785232

Marinated Green Olives stone out - chilled (3kg)

Code: 785233

Capers in Vinegar (2.38kg)

Code: 783122

Caperberries in Vinegar

Code: 783126

Capers in Salt (1kg)

Code: 783191

Italian Giardiniera vegetable pickle (1.7kg)


Cocktail Gherkins (2L)

Code: 787832

Medium Gherkins (2.32L)

Code: 787833

Dill Cucumbers (10L)


Sliced Gherkins (2.45kg)


Pickled Onions (2.27L)

Code: 785462

Cocktail Onions (2.27L)


Beetroot Sliced in Vinegar (330g)


Beetroot Sliced in Vinegar (2.27L)

Code: 782591

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