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English Mild Cheddar special price from Mamma Roma Ltd wholesalers to the catering trade.
FREE gift Limoncello Liqueur from Mamma Roma Ltd with your next order
Italian sausage and cheese delivered by Mamma Roma Ltd, wholesale suppliers to the catering trade based in London.
Microwave boxes for takeaway foods - Mamma Roma Ltd, delivered wholesale suppliers to restaurants, cafes and hotels.
Premium nuts - special price to the catering trade.  Mamma Roma Ltd - wholesale suppliers of ingredients to the catering and manufacturing sector.
Mamma Roma chef of Italian foods.

Much more than Italian foods

As well as delivering a wide range of Italian foods such as cheese, Italian meats, pizza ingredients and pasta, we also supply all the ingredients to make your life as a restaurant or caterer much easier. We have been reliable and trusted food wholesalers to the catering trade, based in London since 1974, and look forward to being of service to your restaurant, cafe or pizzeria.

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Italian Food Wholesalers – London

Pizza boxes and pizza toppings


Pizza boxes and pizza toppings – let Mamma Roma supply everything you need to make delicious, authentic Italian Pizza.

Italian cheese


We wholesale a wide range of Continental and English cheese – perfect for cheese board, sandwiches or recipes.

Italian meat and Parma Ham


Cured and cooked meat, sliced and whole – top quality for restaurant and catering, delivered to your door.